Founder : Mr. Sham Bhima Ghatage

The history of any institution is nothing but the history of the individuals who sacrifice their time and energy for building it over the decades. It requires a vision with motivation. It requires efficiency, sincerity and honesty of purpose. Sacrifice is a proper compendium for all these virtues. It is due to the selfless services rendered by the founder member and the present members, that the Society and Trust today is managing a number of Educational Institution.

Our Founder Chairman Mr. S. B. Ghatage was born on September 23rd,1963 in a middle class family in Kudachi Village. He started his life as a man of modest means but big dreams. He joined politics to make a difference to society. He stood for elections from the Kudachi constituency and became the MLA of the Congress party for the first time in the year 1989.

Contributions in the field of Education

Honorable Mr. S. B. Ghatage has always had an intense interest in the field of education. In 1991 he started a Primary Kannada School in Kudachi, followed by a Pre University College with Science, Commerce and Arts streams. He then started an English medium School named ‘Ajit Bane English Medium School’ in Kudachi and the first Central Board Secondary Education School in Belgaum City called ‘Love Dale Central School’. Followed by two other schools named ‘Good Shepherd Central School’ and ‘Blooming Buds School’. In Belgaum he not only started schools but also opened colleges named the ‘Sagar B. Ed. College’ and ‘Good Shepherd Pre University (Science) College’.

As a politician

He was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for 4 consecutive terms. After winning the elections in 1989, he then went on to win the elections in 1994, 1999 and 2008. In 2001 he was elected as Chairman of the Land Army Karnataka. In his entire Political carrier, he has worked on numerous projects and sectors like Healthcare, Electricity, Water, Land and Human development.

As A Philanthropist

Mr. S. B. Ghatage’s vision encompasses the welfare of society. His main aim is to provide free stay and facilities to the old and orphans by constructing old age homes and orphanages in a 70-100 Acre land in Belgaum. He strongly believes that there is a huge talent pool in the under-privileged youth of our country. He is keen to open Central Board Secondary Education Schools in Bangalore to provide educational opportunities for women and under privileged children.