Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Education Society was founded in 1990 by Mr. S. B. Ghatage in Kudachi, which then established various educational Institutions to bring education within the reach of the deprived communities and minorities in Kudachi.

The society is dedicated to the cause of improving the literacy rate in this rural town. With this noble aim in mind the first educational institution Ajit Bane Kannada Higher Primary School was established in 1990.This was followed by B. Shankaranand Pre University College of Arts Commerce and Science established 1991. The positive response generated by this venture encouraged them to open higher educational institutions like the Ajit Bane English Medium School, Ajit Bane Kannada Medium School and New High School in Kudachi.

In 2001-02 our Society decided to spread its operations to the urban areas and Belgaum which was poised on the brink of an educational revolution seemed to be the logical choice for expansion. Belgaum (earlier known as “Venugrama” or the “Bamboo Village”) is one of the oldest, strong, prominent and well cultured historical place nestling high in the Western Ghats. The old town area with cotton and silk weavers stands gloriously besides the modern, bustling, tree-lined British Cantonment. Belgaum has now become one of the important and fast-developing districts in the state of Karnataka with a population of approximately over 42,07,264.

Love Dale Central School became our flagship institution in Belgaum. It was a pioneer institution as it was the first school in Belgaum apart from the Kendriya Vidyalaya to be recognized by the Central Board of Secondary Education. As a visionary organization, which anticipated the rise in demand for trained teachers the society set up Sagar College of Education in 2004. This was followed by the inauguration of Blooming Buds School which is recognized by the State Government of Karnataka.

Our present Chairman is the young and dynamic Mr. Raj Shama Ghatage who has shouldered the responsibility of leading the society; his enthusiasm and dynamism have brought a new focus and direction. His fresh approach and radical views have brought about rapid growth and progress in a brief span of time. He is completely involved with the efficient management of the various institutions of the Society.

  1. Love Dale Central School, Belgaum
  2. Blooming Buds Central School, Belgaum
  3. Sagar College of Education, Belgaum
  4. B. Shankaranand  Arts College Kudachi
  5. B. Shankaranand Arts Commerce and Science Pre-University College, Kudachi
  6. Ajit Bane English Medium School, Kudachi
  7. Ajit Bane Kannada Primary School, Kudachi
  8. New High School, Kudachi
  1. Mr. Raj Shama Ghatage                 Chairman
  2. Mrs. Asha Shama Ghatage             Director
  3. Mr. Madhu Dondiba Babar              Director
  4. Mrs. Sundra Bai Bhima Ghatage     Director
  5. Mr. Kamlesh Madhu Babar              Director
  6. Mrs. Laxmibai Rama Ghatage         Director
  7. Mr. Amit Shama Ghatage                Director
  8. Mr. Dilip Ghattepa Ghatage             Director
  9. Mr. Subhash Ramu Kusnale            Secretary