Love Dale Central School (LDCS) was established in June 2003 with a vision to impart quality education recognized by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school was started as a pilot project in Belgaum City to introduce the CBSE curriculum for the very first time. LDCS continues to be a school known for its innovative techniques in education, which functions with the aim of imparting a sound, holistic education with special emphasis on character building of the students. The objective is to turn out young men and women with all the good qualities of leadership, a keen sense of discipline and responsibility, initiative and self reliance. At LDCS we are committed to inspire both the gifted students and the less gifted ones so that they rise to their true potential.


“To be a vibrant institution for learning and excellence”


  • To cultivate a scientific outlook.
  • To provide the right environment to students to absorb modern technology to strive for global achievement.
  • Help students to discover their potential and channelize them to emerge as integrated personalities.
  • To inculcate in children a broad based secular outlook.

 The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and provides a recognized curriculum for pre-primary level (2.5 years to 5 year olds), Primary level (5 to 10 year olds) and High school level (10 – 15 year olds).

The curriculum focuses on development of Language, Life skills and Knowledge based learning. The core subjects taught at all three levels of the program are languages – English, Hindi and an optional language (Sanskrit/Marathi/Kannada), Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

The school follows a Continuous and Comprehensive pattern of evaluation to ensure that every student undergoes a rigorous and thorough monitoring of their overall development.

Co-scholastic areas include preparing the child with life skills, work education, visual and performing arts, attitudes and values, literary and creative skills, scientific skills, sports (Football, hockey, cricket, volley ball, Karate and indigenous sports like kho-kho) abacus training and yoga. Students are kept updated with latest technological developments in the field of computer science through regular classes.

Leadership skills are enhanced by programs like the Scouts and Guides (Junior Wing) which is a National Organization for school Children.

Principal :

Mrs. Laxmi A. InchalM.Sc. M.Ed.

‘LDCS’s greatest asset is its teaching staff’.

The LDCS fraternity consists of about 90 employees.  58 teachers and 32 admin staff and support staff ensure an efficient working environment.

Facilities :

Digital board equipped classrooms :

Digital Boards give impetus to the instructional facility. This initiative has improved teaching effectiveness. It connects abstract and difficult concepts to real life.

Sports :

The academic excellence is complete with a robust outdoor calendar that prepares the young minds to face the challenges. The school has got extensive area to play. The professional games such as Hockey, Football, Cricket, Volley ball, Skating, Basket Ball and Swimming are practiced.

Transport :

Safety of our students is our prime concern. Thus, the transport facility is fully equipped to provide the safest and the most convenient transport solution.

Counselor :

The School has a counselor to provide guidance and counseling to students in different areas, including career counseling. We also make efforts to identify and cater to students with special needs.

Laboratories :

The School maintains spacious and well equipped laboratories for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer and Biology.

Library :

Love Dale Central School has a vast collection of books covering all the subjects in the well-managed library.

Auditorium :

The school has an auditorium to conduct Co-curricular activities.

Clubs :

To ensure that the students are better equipped to face any challenge, the focus on special subjects like disaster management, First Aid and Health education, Traffic rules and Safety, Career planning and development has been included. Various clubs headed by teachers such as Health Club, Environment Club, Science Club, Social Service Club and Adventure Club provide value based education.

Uniqueness :

Teacher/child ratios :

The classrooms maintain ratios of 35:1 adult child ratios to insure that as many learning opportunities as possible are provided.

Multiple Modes of Learning : 

This program recognizes that people learn in different ways, and if they are taught in their preferred mode, they will progress at a faster pace, with more understanding.

Relevance-Based Learning : 

This style of learning engages the student in discussion and hands on applications. It applies relevance to educational principles and makes learning come alive.

Additional Support :

Students facing learning difficulties are provided additional support through counseling.

We have an extended school day :

More time in school means more time for our students to learn. The school hours are 8:30 a.m. to 3:10 p.m., except for Saturdays, when the school closes at 12:00 noon in order to allow our staff time to work in data teams.