Education, due to its dynamic nature, is proving to be a major challenge of the 21st century. The information explosion in the environment will determine what children learn and how they learn. Therefore modern day schools have to constantly innovate in terms of pedagogy and administration to provide a platform for holistic learning.

ARTIST is a unique Cell that was established on 1st May, 2013 to facilitate schools by creating and providing a support system that will look into the development in schooling, by improving instruction and learning, ensuring effectiveness of teachers, strengthening schools as institution, preparing a diverse population for the future to gain a better understanding of the changing social context. A deliberate and systematic attempt has been made to achieve appropriate levels of learning through total quality management with a change in focus from short term to long term improvements.


“To bring academic excellence by enriching teachers and the teaching learning process.”


ARTIST will be a unique Cell that will facilitate all the associate schools through holistic support system.

Director :

       Mrs. Sheetal Kamat M.Sc., M.Sc.(UK), MBA

People Associated : 
1. Mr. Raj Ghatage, Chairman

2. Mr.Arindam Roy Choudhury, Academic Adviser

3. Mrs. Prerna Ghatage, Managing Director

4. Mrs. Laxmi Inchal, Principal LDCS

5. Mrs. Chetana Pagad, Principal BBS

6. Mrs. Sheetal Kamat, Principal GSCS

7. Mrs. Chetana Patil

8. Ms. Akshata Jakkanavar

9. Mr. Sameer Kotwal

Our Scope of work :

Teacher Training and Development :

ARTIST believes that the quality of education imparted to students lies in the quality of teaching. Teachers of this century are facing the challenges of knowledge explosion, change in the strategies of teaching, intervention of technology in education, growing expectation of the society and many more. ARTIST equips teachers to meet these challenges by training them in the latest strategies and information in education. Training programs are being conducted according to the institutional needs.

Process Implementation and Document Control :

ARTIST not only helps develop systemic process but also supports and is a part of its implementation. It assists the Principal of the institution to implement different process in the system. It is also responsible for the control of documents. A proper Document Identification Coding System (DICS) is being developed to ensure systematic way of maintaining documents.

Teacher Recruitment and Appraisal :

ARTIST ensures that there is a proper HR set up to ensure the smooth functioning of the school. The HR looks into –

  • Recruitment and staffing
  • Training and development
  • Man power planning
  • Maintain a data bank
  • Attendance and leave management/Leave policies
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Statutory compliance – Provident fund, gratuity and increment.
  • Performance Management

It also plays a major role in identifying the strengths and concerns in the teaching learning process and classroom management by conducting teacher appraisal.

Academic Inventory :

The Academic Inventory helps the school to gauge and assess the academic progress, time to time. It works as an assessing instrument that will help to bring in correction and corrective measures in the school academic system. It helps the schools to understand the academic road map, to understand the functionality of each process of the system and be able to identify the happiness quotient of the stake holders. Areas that Undergo Inventory -Teacher’s Planning, Note-Book Correction, Class Assessment (FAs), Co-curricular Activities and Parent Feedback

Providing a Support System to the Principal / Management :

ARTIST helps to bring in transparency in the system which acts as a boon to the Principals and the Management. It forms a connecting link between the Principal and the Management. This is achieved by conducting Academic Inventory and reporting it to the Management and Principal every two months. Based on the report Management, Principal and the ARTIST team suggests improvement and corrective measure if required. An Academic Audit takes place every alternate year. The Audit provides an opportunity for the schools to reflect on what they want to do, how much have they achieved and how much more needs to be worked upon.  Along with this ARTIST is also responsible for briefing the Management / Principal regarding the latest developments of CBSE and also helps to identify beneficiary grievance based on regular feedback received.

Our Future Plans :
  • To set up a research wing to develop teacher resources, exclusively for our associate schools.
  • Organize Continuous Professional Development Program (CPD) for teachers and other staff members.
  • Identify B.Ed. students from our B.Ed. College and run a 2 month finishing school, to be recruited for our own institutions. Artist would like to make the best use of the human resource available. This will be achieved by training the potential student teacher from our sister institute according to school requirement and make the best use of them. These students will be selected on certain set criteria and will undergo a training program to bring in the quality.
  • To tie up with international institutions to broaden our horizons and put us on to the world platform.