Good Shepherd Central School was established in June, 2009 with the simple aim of providing standardized educational facilities to the boys and girls of Belgaum City. A huge 10 acre campus provided sufficient scope for setting up a world class infrastructure, while the location of the school was its ultimate selling point. A centrally located campus ensured easy accessibility for local students while the military cantonment nearby protected its exclusivity. The natural ambience of the location gives the illusion of being far from the hustle bustle of the city while actually being in close proximity to it.  A small venture that started out with just 100 students in six classrooms has now grown into a full fledged middle school which is recognized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (India) with close to 500 students. The upcoming infrastructure is aiming at providing for 2000 students. We currently have classes from Nursery to Grade VIII. A qualified staff of teachers is well equipped to facilitate the learning process while implementing the latest developments in curriculum and modern methods of pedagogy.

Vision :

“To be a Vibrant Institution for Learning and Excellence”

Our vision encompasses the desire to create an organization that will help the child to learn how discover the excellence within itself.

Principal :

       Mrs. Sheetal Kamat M.Sc., M.Sc.(UK), MBA

Mission :
  • To provide each student the opportunity and freedom for holistic development as a person
  • To provide a creative, high quality curricular and co-curricular program that values learning
  • To provide a cultural and social environment where students and staff develop respect for others as fellow human beings, with greater appreciation for various cultural traditions.
The team consists of 28 well qualified teachers and a support staff of 18 to ensure smooth functioning and administration of 450 students.
Facilities provided : 

The infrastructure of an institution provides the base for fruitful learning to take place and at Good Shepherd Central School the need for good infrastructure is understood and there is a constant striving to provide the same for the students. While the present building is adequate for the needs of existing students, the school is improving the facilities. The construction of a new building has already commenced which will provide more that 2,00,000 lakh sq ft of state of the art infrastructure sufficient for at least 2000 students from Pre-primary to High School.

Infrastructural facilities :

  • Latest technology in the form of Digital boards in each class which helps in bringing alive the concepts in all subjects.
  • A well equipped composite science laboratory encourages a scientific approach to understanding basic concepts in Natural Sciences.
  • A well equipped and fast growing library helps to encourage our student to develop an interest in reading.
  • A separate play area for pre-primary and older students with a play ground for sports like cricket, football and athletics.

Transportation :

The school has three buses to cater to the transportation needs of students who stay far away from the school.

Co-curricular Activities :
  • Art and Craft stimulates the creative skills of students and the art and craft teacher ensures 100% participation by all students to improve their skill and creativity.
  • Music and dance training helps students to uncover hidden interests and talents.
Uniqueness of our school :

Good Shepherd Central School firmly believes in the philosophy that every child is unique and hence we practice the following to preserve and nurture the individuality of our students :

Use of data teams :

Data teams allow us time to focus exclusively on how we can bring student achievement to the highest level possible. During data team meetings, our teachers analyze how students are performing individually and as a group. Then, they cater their instruction to meet students’ needs.

Wellness is valued :

Our wellness program ensures that our students spend their school hours in a healthy learning environment. We do this not only because healthy kids are better learners, but also because we want to promote healthy habits at a young age, thereby making it easier for our students to make healthy choices as adults.

Parents are involved :

We believe in a family-centered learning environment, which is why we conduct monthly Parent Teacher Association meetings, where parents and educators get together to work in unity for the progress of the child.

Creating a book free environment.

Grouping of students by performance :

In the essential subjects of reading and math, our students learn at their own level. If they’re behind, they get the instruction they need to catch up. If they’re ahead, they move up to a level that challenges them.

Physical Education :

While many other schools have reduced or eliminated physical education programs, we offer regular Physical Education.

Service-learning projects :

Our students build character and help communities in need by taking part in different service learning projects every year, starting in Kindergarten.

Small School and Class Size :

The advantages of small school and class size are well documented in many studies.  A lower student teacher ratio creates a more personal environment to ensure that no child will slip through the cracks, and be left behind.